Friday, January 1, 2010

Kim kardashian naked. Pics...

Kim kardashian naked. New pics from google.

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Women's View --- I DID CHEAT ON MY GF? Ive been with my GF for 10 months and now live together. Yesterday, her best friend / woman approached ' s apartment for me to fix his laptop. My GF was in class when she approached. She comes home dress that is going to hit the disco. It was 530pm. Has a killer body like Kim Kardashian and her boobs were practically falling just when I opened the door. In any case, bring it in study hall and start working on his laptop. Begins to sit on my lap with the excuse of wanting to learn how to fix the laptop. Excuse me a chair to take her and make her sit next to me. 10min, then says he has a lump in the back and wondered if he could stretch a bit '. Im an end. going. She then gets up and stand infront DEKSI turns with his AZZ in front of me and begins to bend! This goes on for about 8min. Then he comes and sits next to me scoots his chair closer and super breath on her neck. Now Im completely hard. as hard rock. You see how I get to return the laptop. Says and I quote Thank you. untie the strings of her dress, the dress falls, shes naked and gets on her knees. Nothing happened. But I pick her over his shoulder laid her on my lap and gave her a Spanking naked in the living room. I thought if im aroused so this will be ******. Since I hit the last of 40 spanking was soaked. He lifted again on my shoulders took his clothes / laptop and put it out of my Apt and closed the door. Calls me names from behind the door Your one Azzhole. You must be gay. u dont know what is missing. blah blah blah. I told all my GF when she arrived. And now she's upset and hasn't spoken to me since yesterday evening. What I did was CHEATING !!???????
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